Sport & Health Worldgate Center


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Annual Cost Savings

Fitness center gets building systems in shape, improves energy fitness

Worldgate Sport & Health is a 108,000 square foot health and fitness club with indoor swimming pool, tennis courts, and basketball court. The facility was originally constructed in 1989.  Recurrent Innovative Solutions was asked to identify various improvements to update the building systems and reduce operating costs. During the ASHRAE Level II audit, our analysis showed numerous deficiencies in both the original systems design, and current operational functionality as determined during the field investigations and subsequent analysis for the energy audit. The following mechanical systems were present at the health club: two natural gas fired hot water boilers, one functioning centrifugal compressor chiller, two induced draft cooling towers, thirteen constant volume air handling units, and a pool conditioning unit (PDU). Our team developed and implemented a “Deep Energy Retrofit,” optimizing the facility through a new building automation system, and a range of physical improvements including a new 550 ton chiller, refurbished cooling tower, variable speed fans, new energy valves, variable speed drives on pumps, high efficiency LED lighting for interiors and other improvements.

The project received First Place, Commercial Category by the Virginia Energy Efficiency Leadership Council in 2018.

Project Details

Building Type: Fitness Center
Building Location: Herndon, Virginia
Building Size (ft2): 108,000
Recurrent’s Role: General Contractor
Return on Investment: 6 years
Estimated kWh Savings (Annual): 2,123,563
Estimated Cost Savings (Annual): $263,373