Mercedes Benz of Arlington


Annual kWh Savings (Estimated)


Annual Cost Savings

U.S. top-ranked auto dealership and service center required focus on quality and performance to support on-going operations  

Mercedes Benz of Arlington has been serving the greater metropolitan DC community since 1937, with a focus on customer service instilled by its founder Saul Brooks: “Take care of the Customer, that’s the main thing.” Taking care of both its customers and its employees was a key consideration in the ownership’s decision to implement a complete building lighting retrofit, increasing quality of light and creating an environment to improve employee productivity and satisfaction.

Our team put together a comprehensive lighting plan to replace or retrofit over 700 light fixtures in the interior and exterior of the building. All fixtures had to match corporate requirements to ensure quality and consistency across the Mercedes Benz brand. In the process, the dealership is estimated to achieve annual cost savings of nearly $34,000 in reduced utility expenses and operational cost savings. Comments from employees have been overwhelmingly positive.

Project Details

Building Type: Car Dealership and Service Center
Building Location: Arlington, Virginia
Building Size (ft2): 57,024
Recurrent’s Role: General Contractor
Return on Investment: 4.6 years
Estimated kWh Savings (Annual): 286,491
Estimated Cost Savings (Annual): $33,571

Can’t believe the difference!

Ralph Mastantuono, General Manager

Mercedes Benz of Arlington